Frequently Asked Questions

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Occasionally users may experience issues with their activation email. We’re aware of this and want you to still join us!

If you signed up and are having trouble accessing your account or activating it, please send us a message via our support form and we will manually reset and complete things for you right away!

Start by selecting your Username in the top right corner.

From the page menu, select on Profile and hover over to Change Profile Photo to update your settings!

Start by selecting your Username in the top right corner.

From your menu, select Settings. This will change your sub-menu and you will see a tab for Email. From here, you can manage your notification settings for activity, messages, and the people you follow on Explicitr.

Though we’ve spent countless hours trying… unfortunately this feature is not yet available.

However, in anticipation of bulk and frequent uploads, we’ve gone ahead and upgraded our servers multiple times to support everyone’s files!

Of course you can!

We want your content to be easily seen, so add your tags and keep the posting up. All activity is regularly updated so even new comments can make your post discoverable through a tag.

Our search feature can pull any data site-wide and is updated by the second.

Just start typing and you’ll see suggestions based on members or activity!

We take this part of our site very seriously. If for any reason a member is not following our terms, it will have to be addressed.

You can report another user by visiting the Report A User page.

Select your username in the top right corner.

From the page menu select Settings and then Delete Account on the right of the sub-menu.

Check that you understand the consequences, remember, deleting your account permanently removes all of your content.

You can block another user by visiting their profile page.

Next to the follow and message buttons at the top, you’ll see a Block button.

Once selected, that user is blocked from seeing or interacting with your profile.

*To remove a member from your blocked list, head over to your settings in the profile tab. Once selected, you can go to “Blocked Members” in the sub-menu and unblock any misplaced users.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Send us a message!